En français! Casterman Publishes a French Edition

We are thrilled to announce that Casterman has published the French edition of We Are Still TornadoesUn peu plus que des amis, translated as "a little bit more than friends," was released on April 12. 

"I felt many things while reading, not only through the writing itself but I associated with the two characters.  Cath is focused and serious, but not overly so; Scott is a dreamer, musician.  By reading their correspondence, I felt like I was living their lives.  At times, I was so sad, so happy and in fits of giggles at Scott’s responses; shocked by what happened to Cath and so relieved to see her smiling again."

"It was with great unwillingness that I parted ways with these two characters who, in certain respects, had become my friends."

"This is truly a tender and moving read which I heartily recommend!  Cath and Scott prove to be a worthy diversion.”