Evoking the 1980s: An Interview with
Michael Kun & Susan Mullen

We love this interview with different authors about how to capture the 1980s in literature.  

Here are some of our favorite quotes!

"Someday, future civilizations will reach the consensus that the 1980s were the pinnacle of human existence. Maybe I’m joking. Maybe I’m not." - Kun

"My suspicion is that people think of only two things when they think of the 1980s, the music and the wild clothes..." - Kun

"I was careful about Googling songs, concert tours, movies, yearly calendars, lunar calendars, and even weather events to make sure that they were accurately portrayed. Occasionally, I was disappointed to learn that a song I wanted to reference hadn’t been released until after the time period of the book, or surprised at how flawed my memory was of certain lyrics." - Mullen

"If I’m going to co-write a book set in the 1980s, you’d better believe the main characters are going to like listening to the same music I liked — Squeeze, REM, Joe Jackson, the English Beat, Simple Minds, Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, and Michael Jackson. Oh, and Culture Club. Can’t forget them. They’ll be playing “Karma Chameleon” at my funeral if my wife and daughter have any respect whatsoever for my last wishes..." - Kun