Review: Lisa's Lost in Lit

We love the beautiful photo Lisa included with her review of We Are Still Tornadoes.  It can inspire anyone to curl up with a good book!

Lisa's Lost in Lit gives a glowing review!

"I’m currently reading We Are Still Tornadoes and it’s so, so good!! I wasn’t sure about reading a book in letter form like this, but I LOVE it!! The letters back and forth are adorable and I love seeing their personalities shine through. So fun!!"

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"Adorable?! YUP!! This story was allllll kinds of adorable. From the hilarious personalities of these two besties, to the 80’s references (which I TOTALLY loved, seeing as I grew up during that time period), down to the way Cath and Scott had the kind of friendship we can only hope for. They weren’t always perfect, didn’t always say the right thing or do the best thing for each situation, but man, they were there for each other when times got tough. (And tough they did get!) I loved the fact that these two, which I loved immediately, had each other to get through life’s troubles. Having someone in your life like that to always have your back is priceless."