Interview: Brittany's Book Rambles

We truly enjoyed this interview for Brittany's Book Rambles!

Here are a few fun tidbits:

Brittany: When and how did you guys decide to work on this book together? What inspired We Are Still Tornadoes?

Susan: Mike called me a few years back and we ended up talking about writing and potential projects.  Mike mentioned his idea about the high school friends exchanging letters, and he asked me to write this book with him.  Given that Mike already had 8 or 9 books published, I thought he was a bit crazy to take such a big risk on me. We agreed to give it a shot and if it wasn’t going well, we’d be honest with each other and go our separate ways.  Luckily, it went very well.

Brittany: We Are Still Tornadoes is written in letters between the two main characters, could you share what it was like writing these letters as co-authors and how did you guys go about it? 

Michael: I would agree that it was a great experience, but an unusual one. When I write on my own, it’s not uncommon for me to write 5 or 10 pages in a sitting without even getting up from my chair. Here, the most I could do would be to write one of Scott’s letters, then wait for Susan to send me back the draft of Cath’s response. So there might be days or even weeks when I didn’t write a word because I was waiting for Susan’s contribution. And there were days or weeks when she was waiting for mine.