Anna, of Annaish, Meets Susan Mullen

It's always exciting to meet one of our readers, especially when they've caught the writing bug too!  Anna writes her own blog, which includes reviews of YA lit!  

You can read about Anna's experience at our book signing, as well as her personal review of We Are Still Tornadoes.

Some of our favorite quotes from Anna:

"I was blown away at how unique and heartwarming it was."

"Awesome friendship(s)? Check. Cool references from the eighties? Check. Unique writing style? Check. A cute high school motto that stays till the end of the story? Check. Altogether an amazing story? Check! This one is highly recommended readers!"

"So Susan, if you're reading this, Hi! Again, it was such a pleasure meeting you. You were so lovely and I thank you for your kind words!" (Likewise, Anna!)